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Workshop From technique to performance (ENG)

About the workshop

During the workshop gatherings, we will extensively look at the use of academic dance technique (which has it’s roots in classical ballet and which later on developed on into the neo classical, modern and academic jazz styles). In detail I will look at the ways we can apply this when we learn and execute dance combinations (as part of the warming up).

Further more, we look at the various ways in which dance technique influences form and ‘style’: George Balanchine’s style differs from that of Frederick Ashton, Maurice Béjart, Jiri kylian, William Forsythe or Hans van Manen, to name a few. Or what is for instance typical for the American, Russian or English style of dance? (by the way, the last two styles mentioned can be seen in the ballet ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ which Dutch National Ballet has been performing during the whole month of December 2013!)

What makes ‘form’ in dance specific, and in what way does this influence the expressiveness of your movement? In the end, isn’t it all the same steps that we’re executing?

This is what we will be looking at during the first few workshop gatherings.

After that we move on to explore in what way we can start putting together our own movement, based on what we learned during the first workshop sessions. We are going to look more in detail how a choreography is put together.

And last but not least we will learn some of the basics of partnering.

For questions and/or registration send an email to:, quoting ' From technique to performance'.


Period: from January 14th till March 18th 2014

Day & time: Tuesday 6:45 - 9:15 pm

Duration per workshop session: 2 1/2 hours

Level: intermediate / advanced

Total amount of workshop sessions: 10

Costs: € 195,-


Studio De Loods

Prinseneiland 20-G

1013 LR Amsterdam

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